Here is the changing array of Exhibits, Festivals, Studio Tours,  Fundraisers, Gallery Shows and Pop-Up Venues where you may find my work, and sometimes me with it!

Current Events

June 7 - July 28, 2019

Masters of Santa Cruz Art Show


Here it comes…the Fourth Annual Masters of Santa Cruz Art Show at Stockwell Cellars in Santa Cruz: a loose affiliation of local artists riffing on the works of the famous throughout art history. I’ve participated in every one of these and they are unfailingly interesting, expressive and SO original!

We’ve done the Mona Lisa by DaVinci, American Gothic by Wood and The Flower Carrier by Rivera. This year we opened it up to ANYTHING by Picasso. I can’t wait! The show’s up for two months which includes TWO First Friday receptions, with the excellent Stockwell Cellars wines and food trucks to boot.

I have changed my mind several times in the past year and have now settled on a pensive scraffito mosaic harlequin (seen above!) based on Picasso’s 1901 painting titled “Seated Harlequin”

Stockwell Cellars
1100 Fair Ave. Santa Cruz, CA (On the Westside of town)

June 19- July 28, 2019

Mirrors: Pajaro Valley Arts Members’ Exhibit


I never miss participating in this exhibit. The responses to each year’s theme are always delightful and sometimes profound. This year just might be one that hits both qualities especially well. Here’s the proposal’s description:

“Mirrors” is an interesting word. It is a noun as well as a verb. As a noun, it refers to a
reflecting surface that produces an image of whatever is in front of it. As a verb, “Mirrors”
is present tense, and means to represent something honestly or to give a representation
of something that is similar to something else.
Hold your mirror up to consider how language, culture, personal identity, politics, and
customs, are reflected in today’s society.

My piece, as it’s coming along, is a knitted porcelain star in a circle, surrounded by a curling silver metallic coil, mounted on a black and yellow caution striped wooden support. I’m titling it “Beware of Charisma Mirrors” which refers to the illusions of greatness that emanate from the “famous” which may or may not be projections from us onto them that mirror back on us. Got it?


Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery
37 Sudden Street, Watsonville, CA 95076


ONGOING: Pence Art Gallery Gift Shop

A great stop in downtown Davis, CA all year round, the Pence Art Gallery, going strong since 1976, is a great supporter of ceramic art, especially during the annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art each April (organized by the nearby John Natsoulas Gallery.) In that vein, I am thrilled to have my work represented in their gift shop along with several other regional ceramic artists of note. Enjoy your visit!

Pence Art Gallery
212 D Street, Davis, CA 95616


ONGOING: Roscoe Ceramic Gallery Small Works Case

Derik Van Beers has provided a sweet spot in Oakland’s Art District for ceramics for quite awhile now. He offers world-class monthly solo shows in the front section of his studio space as well as in his Small Works Case in the hallway of a conglomerate of art galleries in the same building. My work is has been in the case for several years now. Take yourself out to a lively art scene and check it out!. There’s a map to the Saturday Art Walk with lovely nearby eateries and, er, drinkeries.

Roscoe Ceramic Gallery
473 25th St. Suite 5, Oakland, CA 94612


ONGOING: Many Hands Gallery

Many Hands has carried my work for 4-5 years now. I always keep them well-stocked with my latest work, even when I’m doing other shows or Open Studios. I am their most local, local artist as my studio is nearby. They are open seven days a week, 10-6, right near Gayle’s Bakery and some other nice shops in Capitola. Stop in! Lots to see.

Many Hands Gallery
510 Bay Avenue Capitola, CA 95010

Upcoming Events

July 13 & 14, 2019

ACGA Clay and Glass Festival in Palo Alto

This wonderful annual weekend show is a clay and glass theme park, with all the thrills an enthusiast might want. About 150 artists and several charitable foundations, colleges and vendors set up in and around the lovely Palo Alto Art Center in the middle of July and have a fling. Demos, kiddie activities, concurrent exhibits in the galleries, food trucks and coffee round out the fun. Free admission.

I will be there with a boothful of my newest work: knitted porcelain. More on that soon!

Palo Alto Art Center
1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto, CA
October 12 - 13

Santa Cruz County Open Studios Art Tour 2019


I’m on a every-other-year schedule for this mighty juried event and I am proud and pleased to be accepted each time. I’m Artist #217 in the free guide, out in September.

What’s great about this year is I will have an entirely new body of work: knitted porcelain! I cannot wait to share it with my visitors. Hopefully it will be you!

Liz Crain Ceramics Studio
404 Bay Ave. Capitola, CA 95010
831 227 0311