Here is the changing array of Exhibits, Festivals, Studio Tours,  Fundraisers, Gallery Shows and Pop-Up Venues where you may find my work, and sometimes me with it!

Current Events


Epperson Gallery Small Works

New! Another location in the ceramics-rich East Bay, Epperson Gallery in Crockett recently opened a Small Works Gallery and my Rusty Conetop Beer Cans are included! Drop in.

The Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts
1400 Pomona St, Crockett, CA 94525
(510) 787-2925


Pence Art Gallery Gift Shop

A great stop in downtown Davis, CA all year round, the Pence Art Gallery, going strong since 1976, is a great supporter of ceramic art, especially during the annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art each April (organized by the nearby John Natsoulas Gallery.) In that vein, I am thrilled to have my work represented in their gift shop along with several other regional ceramic artists of note. Enjoy your visit!

Pence Art Gallery
212 D Street, Davis, CA 95616


Roscoe Ceramic Gallery Small Works Case

Derik Van Beers has provided a sweet spot in Oakland’s Art District for ceramics for quite awhile now. He offers world-class monthly solo shows in the front section of his studio space as well as in his Small Works Case in the hallway of a conglomerate of art galleries in the same building. My work is has been in the case for several years now. Take yourself out to a lively art scene and check it out!. There’s a map to the Saturday Art Walk with lovely nearby eateries and, er, drinkeries.

Roscoe Ceramic Gallery
473 25th St. Suite 5, Oakland, CA 94612


Many Hands Gallery

Many Hands has carried my work for at least seven years now. I always keep them well-stocked with my latest inspirations. I am their most local, local artist as my studio is nearby. They are open seven days a week,  mostly 10-6, right near Gayle’s Bakery and some other nice shops in Capitola. Stop in! Lots to see.

Many Hands Gallery
510 Bay Avenue Capitola, CA 95010

Upcoming Events

late January to early March 2020

Take Aways 2020

Early every year the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery holds an amazing fundraising exhibit they call Take Aways. It’s called that because when one buys a piece of art, one can take it away right then – and not have to wait til the end of the exhibit.

This invitational features the work of around 50-60 artists, which is replenished as it is sold! There is also an silent raffle for some special works, where tickets are bought and placed in the boxes next to each piece and the winners are pulled at the lively closing reception.

This will be my 4th year participating in Take Aways and the rhythm I have fallen into includes creating a special body of work specifically for this show. I like to align with the ideas of Spring and Love and Precious Gifts. This year I’m working right now (it’s November 1 as I write this) on a group of crocheted fancy chocolates each sitting in a lacy knitted porcelain “paper.”

I’m also thinking of small knitted eccentric porcelain bud vases with knitted fanciful tulips. The idea is to have visitors fall instantly in love and want to immediate;y “take away” their fabulous new piece – or maybe two or three of them!

I will update this with photos – and the specific dates – when I get some results – I’m in testing mode at the moment and getting stoked!

Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery
37 Sudden Street, Watsonville, CA 95076