Hello there.
I'm a maker. A designer of clay. I make functional art pieces which appear to be something they're not: vintage, rusty, dented, scuffed metal cans.
Often they take the form of Conetop Beer Cans, Lidded Canisters, Spice Tins and TeaCans (anything with a spout, lid and handle.)
I am an inventor of the imaginary products these cans contain, frequently humorous and ironic, with packaging design to match. I regularly crack myself up in the studio.
You are invited to wander the site. Check out the photo portfolios, read a few blog posts about my process, results, encounters and reflections.
Welcome. You'll fit right in.

6 comments to 101 Things to Steal From Your Paracosm

  • [...] today, book contributor Liz Crain has a great blog on creative ideas. It’s a mash up of great tips, links, and ideas about life in your paracosm. What’s a [...]

    • Thanks for the shout-out/link Quinn!
      The more we all talk about and share each others thoughts, writing and art process, the more we see how much we are alike, at least for starters.
      I also trust we can begin to see how we are unique and start to actively treasure and cultivate that.
      I appreciate your willingness to share not only yourself and your process in your writing and books, but my words here in relation to it! Hugs.

  • Marcie Sigrist

    Thanks to Quinn’s link I found your page..so interesting and informative….I can’t wait to explore all of it. I LOVE it when I find a great site to explore and visit over and over. Thanks, Quinn and Thanks, Liz!

  • Hey Liz,
    Been wanting to read Austin’s book and hadn’t heard of the other two. So thanks for reminding me to get on it! I LOve learning interesting new words – paracosm. Can’t wait to use it on the kids – who live in a paracosm pretty much anytime they’re not doing homework! So you’re doing more sculptures it sounds like – fantastic. Keep us posted! I’m being boring at the moment – didn’t make it out (again.)