From the clay dig to the gallery, it's a 30,000-year-old human endeavor transforming the essential formlessness of clay into artful vessels and sculpture.

An ironic metaphor for everything, clay both fascinates and daunts. If it were too easy to understand, we'd be on to something more mysterious, right?

Welcome! Enjoy everything here: words and images, connections and conundrums. You fit right in.

6 comments to 101 Things to Steal From Your Paracosm

  • [...] today, book contributor Liz Crain has a great blog on creative ideas. It’s a mash up of great tips, links, and ideas about life in your paracosm. What’s a [...]

    • Thanks for the shout-out/link Quinn!
      The more we all talk about and share each others thoughts, writing and art process, the more we see how much we are alike, at least for starters.
      I also trust we can begin to see how we are unique and start to actively treasure and cultivate that.
      I appreciate your willingness to share not only yourself and your process in your writing and books, but my words here in relation to it! Hugs.

  • Marcie Sigrist

    Thanks to Quinn’s link I found your page..so interesting and informative….I can’t wait to explore all of it. I LOVE it when I find a great site to explore and visit over and over. Thanks, Quinn and Thanks, Liz!

  • Hey Liz,
    Been wanting to read Austin’s book and hadn’t heard of the other two. So thanks for reminding me to get on it! I LOve learning interesting new words – paracosm. Can’t wait to use it on the kids – who live in a paracosm pretty much anytime they’re not doing homework! So you’re doing more sculptures it sounds like – fantastic. Keep us posted! I’m being boring at the moment – didn’t make it out (again.)