You found me and my art! I primarily work in clay, often vessel forms that look like vintage cans. Lately other art media is joining the clay: found objects, mixed media and repurposed pieces, even some of my own. It is marvelously open-ended and all slowly coming onto the site.

You’re invited to poke around. Explore the PORTFOLIO to see examples of nearly my whole body of work, past and present. Check out the SHOP to see what pieces are currently available, especially the current OPEN STUDIOS 2017 Category. Don’t miss the STUDIO JOURNAL , either, where I roam around my creative universe with words and images. Subscribe, if you like. It’s easy.

I’m glad you’re here. Drop me a line any time at the CONNECT page. I welcome your questions and comments and respond fairly quickly.


Studio Journal

The Iceberg Concept of Pricing Your Art

 I wanted an iceberg image to illustrate this journal entry about art pricing, but I didn't want to use stock ...
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Rio Del Mar Beach 2017

Compare and Despair*

Are you jealous of the ocean's generosity? Why would you refuse to give this gift to anyone? Fish don't hold ...
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New booth banners

In Which It All Gets Done Handily, A Photo Essay

By the time you read this I will be one or less days away from my only major in-person show ...
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ceramic centerpiece

My Back Pages

 Up in the attic pawing through tubs teeming with my older ceramic work, I sat chuckling and chucking a goodly ...
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